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Ice Cream


What is
Super- Premium?

This is only the smoothest, the creamiest, the most amazing ice cream you've ever had melt in your mouth! There are some pretty technical details that go into making this Super Premium Ice Cream...You can read all about it below...

Or you can click this button for all the details like ingredients

But you should come on in to try it for yourself!

For you technical folks out there...

To be considered super-premium, ice cream needs to be made with at least 14% butterfat and less than 50% overrun (which means a 3 gallon carton will weigh 18 lbs or more). Our super-premium ice cream is made with 14% butterfat and 35-40% overrun (19.5 lb cartons), which gives it the smooth texture and decadent flavor you love!


Overrun is air...

So why should we care how much air is added? Because the lower the overrun, the creamier, smoother and richer the ice cream tastes. Less air translates to fewer ice crystals, and fewer ice crystals means you get that melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that you can’t get anywhere else!



There are options...from dairy alternatives to tree nut free...there are options! Check this link out to see what your sweet treat can be...

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